Ask Mr. Rules Book

Live Music in Solos and Duos

from Teele (Estonia)

Teele’s question: Live music is allowed in Mini Productions and Formations. What about Solos and Duos?

I have seen many great solo show numbers with live music, from which some of them would be great for the Show Dance World Championships in Riesa, but I`m not sure if it`s allowed or not.

Bill’s answer:  Please see the rules book under Section Three, General Rules and Regulations for Competitions, number 2, you will find the following rule: 2. Competitors may not use live music.

Please note, there is a provision in Tap, that allows live music in Junior and Adult Small Group, and also allows it in both Mini Production and Production. Live music is not allowed in Formation.

If you would like to see live music in Show Dance as you mention below, I suggest that you send a proposal to Ralf Josat, chairman of that sub-committee, to be included in the agenda of the Show Dance sub-committee which will be held in Riesa in November.