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Animals in the act

from Rowan (USA)

Rowan's question: We have made the 1st auditions for American Dance Awards-Jazz for IDO Poland.

We have animals in our act. Do you know if Polands' rules and laws are good with this. In 2008 we went to Germany for Show Dance - representing the USA. We had 7 nominations for dances but 2 could not perform due to live animal act laws in Germany.

Bill's answer: We do have a rule that prohibits animals from being used in Belly Dance events. However, as the rules now state for jazz, floor or stage props are prohibited, and animals would be a prop. I'm quite sure it would only be allowed in Production or possibly Show Dance.

You have to check if Poland would allow domesticated or wild animals into their country without a license. Also, since the event in Poland is held at a huge resort, check if the hotel allows animals.