Ask Mr. Rules Book

Question regarding recent Rule Clarification

from Sinisha (Bulgaria)

Sinisha Veselinovich from the Bulgarian Sport Dance Federation (BSDF) asks the IDO President about the following rule clarification:

All dancers competing in Adult 2 age division, must be 31 years old, during the year that they compete. Age is determined by the year of birth as defined in the Rules Book.

If a dancer’s 31st birthday is December 31, 2009, she is considered 31 from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009. (This will ensure she is 30 when she competes)

Sinisha’s question: Does it mean that this rule will apply only for Hip Hop or in the Street Dance in general? And also, does it apply for all categories, or only for the Groups and Formations?

Bill’s answer: At the moment, this is a clarification of an existing rule, and that rule only applies to HIP HOP. Therefore, it does not apply to any other discipline or age division.

There will be a recommendation from the Performing Arts Department to change the age of Adult 2 only for all IDO disciplines that where Adult 2 is used. If accepted by the Presidium it will then be presented as a proposal at the AGM in Istanbul.