Question by Heidi Jappee, Norway

Under BOOK 3, RULES FOR IDO DANCE DISCIPLINES, number 2, Jazz. It is written "suitable footwear must be worn." What is "suitable footwear?" If the choreography works better barefoot, is that considered suitable footwear. Can they use socks?

This rule was put into effect to prevent jazz dancers from dancing barefoot. The rule is very explicit. Suitable footwear must be worn. The key word is "footwear", barefoot is not footwear.

"Suitable footwear" can be defined as follows: Any type of jazz dance shoe (not socks) may be worn such as heels, flats, half soles, jazz sneakers and boots. However, common sense has to prevail. If a jazz dancer does a jazz piece in ballet or point shoes, that would be acceptable as long as the discipline remains jazz dance.