List of IDO Titles

Regional European Championships will be divided in the following manner:


When a Dance Competition, Dance Festival or other Dance related event wishes to obtain IDO recognition, the following rules must be met and adhered to in order to receive the IDO's sanction.

  1. Application must be made through the Competition Chairman at least one (1) year prior to the event, and all fees must be paid when the application is made.
  2. The event must not be in conflict in dates with any other IDO or IDO recognized event.
  3. The title of the event must be clearly stated in the initial application and in no way should suggest or be in conflict with any Official IDO Titles.
  4. When the rules governing a competition differ from those printed in the IDO Rules Book, they must be clearly stated in printed form and also be listed at their web site, at least six (6) months prior to the event. The IDO will retain the right to alter or refuse to accept any rule that is not in the best interest of all participating dancers.
  5. All start or entry fees must be acceptable to the IDO and clearly published no later than six (6) months prior to the event.
  6. All judges must hold a valid National Judges License and must be approved by their National Federation. VIP judges can be requested by the organizers with the approval of the IDO Presidium. .
  7. Only dancers enrolled through IDO member federations may take part in IDO recognized events. .
  8. All events must have a supervisor, appointed by the IDO.

All IDO officials and judges will be reimbursed as specified in the rules book