Apr 13, 2023


- Press Release 14/2023
The IDO WORLD DISCO DANCE & DISCO FREESTYYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS also known as DANCE FEVER has had already an amazing past competition. This year it will take place from 22nd of June until the 25th of June 2023 in Chomutov, Czech Republic and organized by Tanecni klub Beethoven D. C and IDO Czech Republic.

We had a nice chat with the one and only Lida Karlik Fisrova, a force in the disco dance world and the co-organizer together with, as she said, the boss Eva Vlkova.

Tell us more about yourself and your work:

My name is Lida Karlik Fisrova, I´m 39, parenting two cats with my husband Adam. Despite my law degree, I decided to dedicate my life to dance and I´m a full-time trainer in Beethoven DC Chomutov. Although I am very proud of all the wins and titles in national and international competitions, I consider my greatest success to be able to do what I love and call it work – train, teach, share, travel and also organize the competitions. It would be me answering the questions, it would be also me running around the hall in desperate attempt to make everyone happy, but there is the whole team of superheroes led by our boss Eva Vlkova, who is behind the organization of the competitions in Chomutov. To call these people my family is another important achievement in my life.

The Disco Dance Championship last year have gathered large group of dancers, were you satisfied and what do you expect in 2023?

We were absolutely amazed by the number of dancers who entered the competition! It turns out that the IDO disco community is incredibly strong and has managed to overcome the problems of the world we live in now. There are things we can't control, and it made us even more excited and determined to bring joy to the lifes of the children and their coaches and parents. And this is exactly what we want to repeat this year!

How would you described yourself in 5 words?

Crazy, determined, open-minded, honest, artistic soul - including all the positives and negatives that come with it.

What are your biggest challenges as organizer?

To stop thinking I can make everyone happy. We have amazing organizer team of people willing to do anything for a job well done, but of course there would be always something not perfect during such a big event. To let it go is the biggest challenge for me personaly. And we keep failing in our ability to order perfect weather during the competition in summertime – still some unfinished business left. It is our 7th championships we are organizing so expect as in the previous six championships – the passionate group of organizers who are ready to do their maximum to host the best disco dancers from all over the IDO world in our small but welcoming city in the north of the Czech republic.

Your message to the IDO Dance community?

Train, perform, compete, but don't forget there are bigger things than winning the championship. Don't take anything for granted and appreciate the people who brought you to dance and help you achieve your dreams and goals. Keep your love to dance in all its forms, work hard and enjoy every day you get to do what you love to the fullest.

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