Apr 5, 2023


- Press Release 13/2023
From the 10th of June until the 11th of June 2023 Prague will be dancing in the rhythm of IDO European Tap Dance Championships organized by Tap Academy Prague and IDO Czech. IDO European Tap Dance Championship.

The preparations are well underway as Miss Natalia Sincova, co-founder and director of Tap Academy Prague took some time and gave us some insight on all that are behind this upcoming event.

Tell us a bit more about Tap Academy Prague:

Tap Academy Prague is a well-known Czech tap school, that has brought numerous world champions to the IDO dance floor. We also organise various public events, an international festival Tap Dance Prague Fest and other programs to support our tap dance community locally and worldwide. What is important to me, is that no matter how fast we are growing, we know each dancer personally. We are one family, and we really enjoy bringing tap dancers together. I am sure, that if I say, that we do it from the bottom of our hearts, I will speak for the whole team of Tap Academy Prague.

Our team is also what I am most proud of and thankful for, especially the team leader and co-founder of Tap Academy Prague Miss Monika Jenik Backovska. One of the key people and the heart of our family is Tomas Slavicek, who is well known not only for his brilliant choreographies but also for his energy that he brings to the tap community worldwide and of course his smile forever.

The Tap Dance Championship last year have gathered large group of dancers, were you satisfied and what do you expect in 2023?

European Championship last year was an incredible experience. After the pandemic, it finally brought the tap world back to life and what I loved the most was the energy and the friendly atmosphere. It all felt very intimate and family style. Along with many old friends we also met dancers from countries that are new to the IDO tap championships, such as Hungary, France, Ireland and Finland. I hope this year will bring new opportunities and new faces as well.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

The Tap Academy Prague team is: Creative Supportive Expressive Connected Friendly

What are your biggest challenges as an organizer and what to expect in Prague?

The biggest challenge is to make sure everyone has a good time. That is the most important bit! What to expect in Prague? A lot of inspiration! Prague is a gorgeous city with a rich history, that hides a lot of tap dancers and a very loud and fun Tomas Slavicek, who will be hosting the competition. At the end, miss Natalia is sending this amazing message to all our IDO community:

Meeting tap and other dancers , comparing and learning from each other and getting inspired is the biggest gift of all, so please support dance competitions.

See you soon in Prague!

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