Continental Conferences


Chairperson Mrs. Kirsten Dan Jensen (Denmark)

Beverly Wood (Southafrica)
1. Coordinator

The Americas

Chairperson Mrs. Bonnie Dyer (Canada)

Maga Domene (Mexico)
Adminstrator/Coordinator for Competitions/ Workshops

Alison Sharp (Canada)
Administrator/Coordinator for Adjudication

Robert Planutis (USA)
Administrator/Coordinator for Media/Webpage, brochures etc

Asia / Asia-Pacific

Chairperson Mr. Michael Wendt (Germany)

Zhang Xiang Guo
Advisor to the President
in the Asia region

Aleena Tan (Singapore)
Advisor / 1. Coordinator
(Asia / Asia-Pacific)

Jae young Lee (South Korea)
2. Coordinator


Chairperson Prof.dr. Velibor Srdic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Nancy Gogstad
1st Coordinator
(Nordic countries)

Ralf Josat
2nd Coordinator
(Western Europe)

Jiri Paulu
3rd Coordinator (Central and Eastern Europe)

Edilio Pagano
4th Coordinator (South/ South Eastern Europe)