Continental Conferences


Chairperson - Kirsten Dan Jensen (Denmark)

Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Street Dance Department Director

Beverly Wood (Southafrica)
1. Coordinator

The Americas

Chairperson - Bonnie Dyer (Canada)

Vice President for New Ventures, IDO Ambassador for the Americas

Maga Domene (Mexico)
Adminstrator/Coordinator for Competitions/ Workshops

Alison Sharp (Canada)
Administrator/Coordinator for Adjudication

Robert Planutis (USA)
Administrator/Coordinator for Media/Webpage, brochures etc

Asia / Asia-Pacific

Chairperson - Aleena Tan (Singapore)

Jae young Lee (South Korea)
1. Coordinator

Pranav Padmachandran (India)
2. Coordinator - Asia / Asia-Pacific

Michael Wang (Chinese Taipei)
3. Coordinator - Asia / Asia-Pacific


Michael Wendt
Ambassador for Asia / Asia-Pacific

Zhang Xiang Guo
Advisor to the President
in the Asia region


Chairperson - Ralf Josat

Vice-President at Large

Nancy Gogstad
1st Coordinator - Nordic countries

Jiri Paulu
3rd Coordinator - Central and Eastern Europe

Edilio Pagano
4th Coordinator - South/ South Eastern Europe

Ralf Josat
2nd Coordinator - Western Europe