official IDO-Events
Dec 13 - Dec 15


Country: Poland
City: Warszawa

World Championship | Modern & Contemporary Dance | Solos female | Junior 2

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nation name dancetitle no dancers
Belgium Vergauwe , Yaël Is there a heaven 1
Belgium De Bleeker, Femke Requiem For A Tower 1
Belgium Windels, Alix Is there a dream 1
Croatia Velepic, Petra It's hard to know a man 1
Finland Tamminen, Julia The Awakened One 1
Finland Rantakari, Emilia When am I enough? 1
Finland Leppilampi, Lilia When you embark this journey you must know... 1
Germany Menzel, Anastasia Climate change 1
Germany Seng, Marilena a palé 1
Germany Böttger, Anna-Lena Voices 1
Italy Canepa, Margherita 1
Italy Resta, Nicole 1
Italy Orlando, Asia 1
Lithuania Lebeckyte, Tija Suffer the consequences 1
Lithuania Simaityte, Rugile What is essential is invisible to the eye 1
Lithuania Truskauskaite, Reja Aine A DEAL WITH... 1
Norway Gustavsen, Natalie Summertime 1
Norway Ødegård Torbergsen, Simone 1
Norway Aslaksen , Mari 1
Poland Tynecka, Inga MODERN 1
Poland Borkowska, Katarzyna MODERN 1
Poland Biernacka, Julia MODERN 1
Poland Czarnocka, Oliwia MODERN 1
Serbia Anic, Masa Animal 1
Slovak Republic Machatsova, Masa Kentaur 1
Slovak Republic Zajcevova, Kristina Love yourself first 1
Slovak Republic Vorobjovova, Tatiana No time to die 1
Slovenia ZELEZNIKAR, MAJA Maja Zeleznikar 1
Slovenia ZURA, EMA ANA Ema Ana Zura 1
Sweden Ceder, Cornelia Just like a flower 1
Sweden Bruun, Emy Falling appart 1
Sweden Sjöström, Alice Edge of Life 1
Turkiye OZCAN, Berrak 1
Turkiye CETINTAS, Nehir Other Side Of Me 1