Sep 29 - Oct 3

Results - IDO HipHop-WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 - as part of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010

Country: Germany
City: Bochum
Street: Stadionring 20
Hall: RuhrCongress Bochum

World Championship

Discipline Class Category Age group  
Break Dance - Solos Juniors results
Break Dance - Solos Adults results
Break Dance - Teams Juniors results
Break Dance - Teams Adults results
Electric Boogie - Solos Children results
Electric Boogie - Solos Juniors results
Electric Boogie - Solos Adults results
Electric Boogie - Duos Children results
Electric Boogie - Duos Juniors results
Electric Boogie - Duos Adults results
HipHop - Solos female Children results
HipHop - Solos female Juniors results
HipHop - Solos female Adults results
HipHop - Solos male Children results
HipHop - Solos male Juniors results
HipHop - Solos male Adults results
HipHop - Duos Children results
HipHop - Duos Juniors results
HipHop - Duos Adults results
HipHop - Small groups Children results
HipHop - Small groups Juniors results
HipHop - Small groups Adults results
HipHop - Small groups Adults 2 results
HipHop - Formations Children results
HipHop - Formations Juniors results
HipHop - Formations Adults results
HipHop - Formations Adults 2 results
EpN = Entries per Nation

World Cup

Discipline Class Category Age group  
- - Large productions - results
EpN = Entries per Nation