Dec 6, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 169/2021

The International Dance Organisation is celebrating its 40th birthday and one of the events programmed as part of our Ruby Anniversary is the IDO 40 Awards.

On an online TV ceremony, the IDO 40 Award recipients for the Historic and Special Achievement Awards. These two categories were announced by IDO Executive Secretary Kirsten Dan Jensen and IDO Vice President Fiona Johnson.

IDO Historic Awards have been awarded to fourteen individuals who have made a significant impact and contribution to IDO and its history. Former Presidents as well as past and present Presidium members have been recognised in this division.

IDO Special Achievement Awards have been awarded for competitions, individuals and countries who have made an outstanding contribution as Organisers, as Educationalists and in developing their countries and/or continents in the name of IDO. As Fiona Johnson rightly stated at the awards ceremony:

‘Thank you for making a difference! Thank you for your valuable contribution to the beautiful world of dance. Keep on dancing!’

Tomorrows we continue to announce the recipients of IDO 40 Awards. The Awards celebrate extraordinary achievement, excellence, historic impact, special recognition, dance and national members.

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