May 3, 2020


- Press Release 60/2020

IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson will be directing and producing the 6th edition of the IDO World Gala Event ‘Best of the Best’. Due to COVID-19 the IDO has been prompted to take exceptional measures and organise online contests followed by a TV Studio super final like Eurovision.

The IDO PR Department is now inviting the IDO dance community to the first round of the IDO Gala Facebook Contest. Videos of the 2019 IDO World Champions have now been uploaded on IDO YouTube and the links of all nominations are now shared on IDO Gala Facebook.

All the individual needs to do is to vote for one, two, or all the videos. The videos with most likes on the Facebook IDO Gala World Event page will be sent to the IDO Sports Director to scrutinize. The contest will run from Monday 4th May at 12 noon CET to Monday 11th May at 11am CET and everyone is eligible to vote, regardless if there is a nomination from your country or not.

The nominations with the most votes will then proceed to the online Semi Final with the Facebook selection conducted by various VIP Adjudicators.

IDO looks forward to everyone’s support, so GET VOTING!

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