May 4, 2019


- Press Release 60/2019

The International Dance Organizationís World Caribbean Championships starts today and runs over the weekend, for two days. The World competition will be held in the French city Saint Romain en Gal and will also feature the IDO World Cups for Salsa and Bachata.

The competition is organised by IDO France and led by Christophe Jeanmougin, with over 200 dancers from 8 countries are taking part. Countries include:

Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Romania and Spain.

The IDO Officials at the event include:

Thomas Puttmann Lentz from Germany as Chairperson of Judges

Zbigniew Zasada from Poland as Supervisor

Damaso Petroni from Italy as Scrutineer

International Judges:

Diana Neicu from Romania

Meliha Jahic from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Gilbert Trolliet, Monique Bengasini and Christian Nachet from France

Julia Plakhotina from Russia

Claudio Di Stazio from Italy

Meria Satulehto from Finland

Igor Henzely from Check Republic

Tomasz Nawrocki from Poland

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