May 9, 2023


- Press Release 21/2023
From the 20th of June until the 26th of June 2023 Kielce, Poland will be filled with IDO dancers for IDO European Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary Championships organized by Polish Dance Federation & Reliese Dance Academy. The preparations are well underway as Mister Piotr Patlaszynski, founder of Reliese Dance Academy and president of Polish Dance Federation took some time and gave us some insight on everything behind this upcoming event. More bellow

Tell us more about yourself and your work.

I am a happy optimist, a man for whom the impossible does not exist. I have been dancing since I was a child, since 1992 I have been running my own Dance Academy, RELIESE and since 2004 I have been the President of the Polish Dance Federation. During my cooperation with IDO, I have organized over 50 official IDO events and only the magical Riesa is a longer organized dance event.

The Show Dance Championship in Zielona Gora have gathered large group of dancers, were you satisfied and what do you expect in 2023?

The Show Dance World Championships in Zielona Gora were probably the craziest idea we have implemented for IDO. I learned about the possibility of organizing this very prestigious event in early September, being a judge in Skopje, after less than 10 weeks of preparation, we organized something that really had no chance of success. And yet. Thanks to the support of the Organization and the understanding of the IDO, we managed to produce competitions that were only spoken about well. It doesn't happen often. By organizing the competition in Kielce in 2023, we count on high activity of participants, Poland was and is safe, and any information about the war in our country is fake news.

Tell us more about the place of venue in Kielce, I’m sure that the dancers are excited to have the opportunity to perform on theatre stage.

Kielce Dance Theater is a magical place, created by and for professionals, with a beautiful stage, foyer, large parking lot and restaurant. Great premieres of dance performances are held here, and one of the largest Jazz Dance Workshops in Europe is organized every year within the walls of the Theatre. I am very pleased that artistic forms will be presented in a professional Theater with an auditorium for over 700 seats.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Seriously just 5?! In love with his lovely wife ,visionary, capable of adapting to a given situation, stubbornly pursuing the goal, always optimistic about the future.

What are your biggest challenges as organizer?

We approach each project with humility and respect. By organizing the legendary Mikolajki for 16 years, I have learned that at any time as an Organizer you can meet a new, completely different challenge. I like risk. I don't know if there would be anyone else who would organize them 10 weeks before the World Cup. I always want the players to feel needed, that the officials have comfort, that they can get to know the colour of the land they come to at least a little bit. So that when they hear "competitions in Poland" they don't wonder whether to come, but how to book transport quickly. There are also several other organizers in Poland, I must admit that I want to stand out from them. This is possible thanks to a dedicated, trusted and proven organizational team led by my common friend Leszek Cichocki

What to expect in Kielce?

Great atmosphere, professional stage, dedication, and professional organizational team, as well as getting to know the charms of a beautiful city. During the European Championship, Kielce will have its KIELCE DAYS, so the participants will have the opportunity not only to learn about the history of this beautiful city, but also to try local products and buy original souvenirs. It is worth coming to Kielce. Piotr’s message to the IDO Dance Community is his own motto – “Love Dance, learn its strength, be humble to it, play with it and enjoy its magic.” See you all in Kielce Poland soon!

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