Apr 5, 2021



The International Dance Organization recently set up an IDO Dancers Commission. The Commission will act as the voice for IDO active licensed dancers around the world and to protect their rights and interests. The Dancers Commission will act as a direct link from the voices of dancers to the IDO Presidium. It is the Commissioners duty to provide updated information to dancers and to the IDO Presidium.

Julie Sofie Wichmann for IDO Norway has been appointed to the IDO Dance Commission. The IDO Communications Department has caught up with Julie to tell us a bit about herself and what are her expectations in the next year:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your history in the IDO?

I am 22 years old, born in Denmark, and started dancing around the age of 2! I danced my first disco competition when I was 5 years old in Denmark, where I also competed in ballroom. I moved to Norway with my family when I was 8, continued to compete in disco and started to compete in jazz, modern and show. At 13, I danced my first international championship. I continued to represent Norway at the European and World Championships in Disco every year from 2011-2019. This resulted in countless of amazing memories and a lot of finals and medals. I have also competed (and danced finals) in international IDO championships in jazz, modern and show from time to time. My favourite IDO memory was when I became a World Champion in disco solo in 2018!

Tell us an anecdote or hilarious moment whilst attending an IDO event?

Fails and falls on stage always feels like the end of the world when they happen but is something, I’ve learnt to laugh off afterwards. Of course, it always happens in finals, for example when I failed during a big jump in our disco small group final in 2018. Luckily we won anyway!

Why have you agreed to form part of the IDO Commission? How important is it to have a voice in the IDO?

I have agreed to form part of the IDO Commission because I think that it’s an amazing initiative. I love the fact that the dancers get their own representatives to speak up for them on challenges they might face. In my opinion, a Commission like this is the best way to ensure the IDO dancers’ rights and needs within all the IDO styles, at all times.

How do you see the IDO Commission developing in the future?

I see the IDO Dancers Commission developing into a professional and important link between the dancers and the organization. But to develop this, it’s very important that the dancers dare to speak up their thoughts on possible issues that we should help them solve.

How do you see the IDO Commission supporting IDO in making it bigger and better?

As a group, the commission has already started to meet and discuss important issues on the dancers’ behalf. In the future we want to involve the dancers even more, which will help us to make IDO bigger and better than ever!

What is IDO to you?

To me, IDO is one big happy family with a big passion and love for dance.

What is the first thing you think about when you think about IDO?

Amazing championships and friendships for life (across borders)!

Stay tuned as we meet other members of the IDO Dancers Commission in the next coming weeks!

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