Aug 10, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 117/2021

Today we focus on the IDO Social Media Team and two of its members that have been the driving force behind the overhaul in making IDO more visible and recognizable, IDO Social Media Manager Gaynor Johnson and IDO Marketing Consultant Pedram Zamani.

The Social Media Team, who come under the Communications Department, have been active with promoting the IDO Continent versus Continent, the IDO Gala World Event, promoting masterclasses, meetings, lectures, seminars, the IDO Webinar, supporting the IDO with the TAFISA World Sport for All Games in Portugal and the Erasmus + projects, supporting the IDO Web TV, updating IDO YouTube and all social media platforms, new graphics, new emblems and frames, certificates, designs, IDO Dance Quotes, the I Love IDO promotional tool, IDO dance videos of the week, promotional videos for the different dance genres as well as other video editing. The Team have also launched IDO Tik Tok for further promotion of IDO.

Gaynor Johnson, who has been part of the IDO Social Media Team for over a decade said:

‘At the start of the year I took on a new role in the PR Department and became the Social Media Manager and was assigned a new team to lead in bettering the IDO in every way possible. With great support, amazing teamwork, creativity from Pedram Zamani, and tremendous support from IDO Vice President Seamus Byrne and the Presidium, the goal on achieving this with the team is in our reach. Beside this, I have been a part of the working team for the amazing worldwide online dance competition Continent vs Continent, worked with Milana Tomic for Web TV, stayed on top of IDO social media platforms, amongst so many other projects.’

On his part: IDO Marketing Consultant Pedram Zamani said:

‘My personal highlight about the last 6 months is surely being able to be part of IDO PR Department. Receiving the trust and full support of IDOs Presidium, being able to form, build and influence IDOs communication strategies and to work together with an amazing Team makes it feel more like a mission than a job. Thank you to Prof Velibor Srdic, Seamus Byrne and the IDO Presidium for this opportunity and special thanks to Gaynor Johnson for an amazing teamwork.’

Thank you IDO Social Media Team for all the work you do for IDO!

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance