Nov 17, 2020


- Press Release 134/2020

Everything is now set for the IDO World Show Dance Riesa Unlimited. The event will go virtual and online this Saturday 21st November at 8pm wherever you are in the world.. The event can be viewed by clicking the Show Dance poster on

The Organisers have invited people to choose their personal unforgettable performance in Riesa. Riesa Unlimited wants us all to enjoy some of the many favourites once again. Just nice memories of the greatest shows in Riesa since 2000.

Event Executive Producer, Michael Wendt said:

‘This is the exact time we would have started the exciting and most prestigious Final of the outrageous Solo Girls – Adult age division - if “Corona” hadn’t prevented it. We are remembering the wonderful, thrilling and exciting IDO World Championships in Riesa! Have fun and the best of memories watching unforgettable highlights, awesome jewels and stunning 26 shows out of these 22 years of Show Dance in Riesa.’

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance