May 19, 2020



Sergey Bobrov from IDO Russia (ARDO) will be conducting an IDO Master Class, a project led by the IDO Education and IDO PR Departments.

Sergey will be teaching a contemporary master class and will feature this forthcoming Wednesday 20th May at 12.30pm on IDO Facebook. Sergey is the Head of Ekzersis, a dance studio in Kaliningrad, Russia. Sergey works with various contemporary dance techniques. He pays a lot of attention to improvisation in his classes, creates competition dance works and contemporary performances. Sergey's workshop is called Contemporary Dance Technique and Improvisation at home".

Fun fact: Sergey developed a series of exercises for his students to improve their improvisation through working with prepared dance combinations. During the pandemic, this program became the basis of Sergey's online course for choreographers. Now choreographers use these exercises to create new, original combinations based on previously made routines. Today you can practice one of these exercises too.

Classes will air on IDO Facebook from 12.30pm on Wednesday 20th May until 11.30am CET on Thursday 21st May 2020.

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