official IDO-Events
Dec 13 - Dec 15


Country: Poland
City: Warszawa

World Championship | Modern & Contemporary Dance | Solos male | Adults

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nation name dancetitle no dancers
Slovenia ISTENIC, ALEX Alex Istenic 1
Sweden Olofsson, Melvin Conducting my own fate 1
Germany Einmal, Mika It´s over 1
Slovenia KAVSEK, JAKOB Jakob Kavsek 1
Germany Safie, Emeel Learn when to leave 1
Slovenia PERSIN, MAJ ZAN Maj Zan Persin 1
Sweden Gustafsson Svensson, Simon Nothing never Lasts 1
Lithuania Berezko, Nikita PRESSURE 1
Germany Schwarzer, Tristan Tired 1
Slovak Republic Martinsky, Filip Transformation 1
Poland Borowik, Cezary When the lights go out 1
Germany Schmidt, Andreas private anonym secret 1
Italy Molano Roman, Eduar Alessandro 1
Italy Pisanu, Marek 1
Italy Romano, Stefano 1
Norway Henriksen, Lars Atrocities 1
Poland Gonsior, Markus MODERN 1
Poland Graczyk, Maksymilian MODERN 1
Poland Mental, Karol MODERN 1