Apr 27, 2022



IDO Dance Committee Meetings have been taking place throughout March. Here are the updates on the two committee meetings in the Street Dance Department:

IDO Hip Hop Meeting held on the 18th March 2022

The meeting was conducted by Chairperson Carsten Rott from Germany, with 30 delegates from 16 National Member Organizations taking part, from 3 continents.

The meeting commenced with a report by the Chairperson confirming the competitions to look ahead too in North Macedonia, Germany, and Austria. Various proposals were also discussed namely rules, tempos, and age divisions. The next meeting is scheduled for the autumn in Graz at the World Championships.

IDO Disco Committee Meeting held on the 21st March 2022

The meeting was conducted by Chairperson Giancarlo Tarabella from Italy with 25 delegates from 16 countries and 2 continents present.

The meeting was opened with the unanimous re-election of Giancarlo Tarabella has Chairperson for this committee. Rules and proposals have also been discussed, including the possibility of starting Slow Dance in IDO. The next committee meeting is scheduled for a face-to-face meeting at the World Championships in Sweden in the autumn.

Please visit the IDO internal website to read the full minutes.

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