Apr 6, 2022



IDO Dance Committee Meetings have been taking place throughout February and March. Here are the updates on the two committee meetings:

IDO Ballet Committee Meeting – Performing Arts Department – held on the 1st March 2022

The meeting was conducted by Chairperson Tina D’Artnall from South Africa, with 23 delegates from 14 National Member Organizations taking part, from 4 continents.

The meeting commenced with the re-election unanimously of Tina D’Artnall as Chairperson for the Ballet committee. Proposals were discussed including a way forward for the Repertoire section and a new working group was formed to prepare guidelines both for the section and for the judges. A follow up meeting for the working group is scheduled for this month.

IDO Acro Committee Meeting – Performing Arts Department – held on the 2nd March 2022

The meeting was conducted by acting Chairperson Dr Hana Svelhova from Slovak Republic with 10 delegates from 7 countries and 2 continents present, including a Dancers Commission representative.

It was unanimously agreed how IDO’s Continent versus Continent was a superb platform, as it allowed all IDO disciplines to be more visible and allowed for the promotion of our dance categories and our World Organization further. The meeting saw the promotion of the IDO World Acrobatic Championships to be held in Monterrey, Mexico in July 2022., with the next committee meeting scheduled for July at the competition.

Please visit the IDO internal website to read the full minutes.

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