Apr 4, 2022



The IDO Communications Department are calling for new video content as a strategy to support the public relations work of our World Organization.

The IDO Communications Department are seeking the support of its National Member Organizations, Officials, Competition Organisers and Dancers by requesting videos to enhance our social media strategy. The aim of this strategy is to promote our Organization to the World and allow IDO to become bigger, better and build up its international profile.

Should any NMO or their dancers, have any quality videos from an IDO competition, and would like to support our work, then please do send them to us. The footage will also be used to enhance our IDO YouTube platform. Please forward these videos via We Transfer to: socialmedia@ido-dance.com. Videos need to be accompanied by the name of the IDO competition, the discipline and a personal message. IDO looks forward to everyone’s support!

#IDOWorldDance #ILoveIDO