Mar 31, 2022



IDO Vice-President and Sports Director Fiona Johnson has written to all IDO National Member Organizations to reassure NMO’s that all published IDO European and World Championships, are going ahead face to face as planned.

IDO reassures members that competitions will run in safe conditions, and that it is safe to travel to all IDO events. IDO Sports Director Fiona Johnson said:

‘If we have learned anything from the pandemic situation, is that everything can change overnight and that we need to be flexible. Members are informed that all published IDO competitions, in the IDO Calendar will take place based on the information and situation that we currently have. Should there be any changes, we will be the first ones to inform you!’

When organizing an IDO event due to many changes (Covid pandemic, refugees), IDO places all its trust in the Organizers. The IDO Sports Department is constantly liaising with Organisers and hopes that all IDO members will support the Organizers that are willing to organize an IDO Championships under new, unknown conditions. It can work, but only if we all make it work. IDO looks forward to the support of its members!

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