Mar 5, 2022


- Press Release 26/2022

The International Dance Organization has prepared an extraordinary documentary film on the occasion of the IDO 40th anniversary celebrations.

The initiative began a year ago and this massive project has gathered nearly 40 speaker. Once again IDO has managed to put together a historical archive which celebrates the Organizations cultural heritage.

IDO President (Ag) Prof. Dr. Velibor Srdic said:

"Our HISTORY is recorded. This is our heritage, and we did it for the future generations. For sure it is a solid base for the upgrades in the following years. The Documentary film will be presented in two parts. It was very difficult to collect the interviews during pandemic, but thanks to Seamus Byrne, we have recorded more than 20 hours of interviews with chosen speakers.

The first part of the Documentary depicts the first 20 years of the IDO, mostly covering the circumstances of founding the IDO, early development of the IDO, the system of work in that time and bringing the new members Presidium in the late 1990s. Second part is more about highlights, anecdotes, awards and the IDO today. We have all learned about the IDO by making this documentary and we hope our IDO family will enjoy in watching it."

The IDO would like to thank the creative team behind the Documentary Seamus Byrne, Prof. Dr. Sinisa Tomic and Prof. Dr Velibor Srdic. We also take this opportunity to thank Christophe Jeanmougin from France and Renzo Maoggi from Italy for sending us IDO videos and different materials from the beginnings of the IDO.

Watch the IDO 40 Documentary on on Saturday 12th March 2022 at 8pm CET. Don’t miss it!

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