Jul 30, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 112/2021

Today we focus on IDO Vice President for Communications Seamus Byrne, his department includes the IDO Social Media Team.

Since Covid19 hit the Organization and dance universally in March 2020, Seamus together with Gaynor Johnson supported all IDO departments in ensuring National Members, their dancers, their coaches, choreographers, and officials stayed connected and remained active. A programme better known as ‘Dance knows no Quarantine’ invited everyone to dance from their homes.

Press Releases and promotion remain an integral part of IDO Communications. Mr Byrne is responsible to produce all daily press releases to promote the work of IDO as well continuously updating the IDO website to keep all members and dance enthusiasts informed of IDO’s work and activities. The IDO Communications Department also lead IDO celebrations for the World Day of Dance, World Peace Day and the IDO Birthday. Many will recall the birthday celebrations of 2020 that saw national members perform to the song ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day – Jesse Bloch Remix Song.

Mr Byrne was also heavily involved in supporting IDO Honorary Lifetime President Michael Wendt with Riesa Unlimited. He also liaises extensively with IDO’s Social Media Manager Gaynor Johnson for the promotion of all IDO events and activities on IDO Social Media portals. Mr Byrne describes Gaynor Johnson as an invaluable asset to IDO and to the public relations team, not only for her professionalism and work ethics, but also for the support she provides many departments, especially the IDO Sports Department and her involvement with the IDO Gala World Event.

2021, and with the support of IDO President (Ag) Prof. Velibor Srdic, the IDO Communications Department has seen an overhaul in its aims, objectives, and delivery. Mr Byrne confirms he is delighted with this revamp, as it has allowed IDO to be more visible and recognizable. The Social Media Team was expanded with Pedram Zamani, an expert and professional in marketing and media, Trajce Petkovski and Thomas Puettmann-Lentz. In July two more members have joined the team, Larissa Peter and Just Berger.

During the last few months, Mr Byrne, on behalf of IDO has launched an IDO quarterly newsletter, continuously updated the IDO website both internally and externally, updated Wikipedia, updated the IDO membership, created exclusive IDO Webinar newsletters, launched an IDO Logo guide with approved images, revamped all stationery and letterheads for IDO Presidium and Officials and has worked intensively on the history of IDO. The latter includes the IDO AGMs timeline between 1981 and 2020 as well as the IDO Competition History from 1981 to 2006, and both documents can be viewed on the IDO website.

Mr Byrne is delighted to support the IDO President on the 40th birthday celebrations of IDO. Logos and videos have been produced, archives and publicity material have been sought. He has supported with the brochure work, and he is currently working on interviews for the IDO documentary.

In so far as promotion and social media, the IDO Social Media Team have been extremely busy with new initiatives from promoting the IDO Continent versus Continent, and the IDO Gala World Event, promoting masterclasses, lectures, seminars, the IDO Webinar, supporting the IDO with the TAFISA World Sport for All Games in Portugal and the Erasmus + projects, supporting the IDO Web TV, promoting the Annual General Meetings, the Departmental Meetings, Continental Conferences and IDO Awards, updating IDO YouTube and all social media platforms, amongst others. The Team have also introduced Trello and Slack as better means of communications and have also launched IDO Tik Tok for further promotion of IDO.

New graphics have been introduced for all IDO National Members, for all IDO activities mentioned above, new emblems and frames, IDO certificates, Dancers commissions designs, IDO Dance Quotes, the I Love IDO promotional tool, IDO dance videos of the week, promotional videos for the different dance genres as well as other video editing.

The IDO Communications Department looks forward to working on new initiatives including an IDO branding guide and a new website for our organization.

IDO Vice President Seamus Byrne said:

‘In the first instance, I would like to thank our IDO President and the Presidium for their wholehearted support. Despite all the work that my colleagues generate, my department and the social media team embrace this with energy and enthusiasm as we strongly believe that IDO is at the forefront of World Dance. The IDO Continent versus Continent project is testament to the support, loyalty and love we all have for this Organization.

We have extended our Social Media Team at the beginning of the year and have been working extensively in furthering our daily public relations work. These have included improvements to graphics, video content, promoting our three departments and promoting our events and activities. We have extended our marketing and creativity strategy, to allow IDO to grow even further and for this I am indebted to our Social Media Team especially Pedram Zamani for the professional methodology and principles he has brought to the IDO.

Finally, I am eternally grateful to our Social Media Manager Gaynor Johnson whom I have had the privilege to work with for over 10 years, since I first joined the social media team in 2011. I thank her for her advice, support and drive and being at the forefront of many communication projects.’

Thank you IDO Communications Team for all the work you do for IDO!

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance