Jul 23, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 109/2021

The International Dance Organization Communications Department will in the next two weeks be looking at the work produced by the IDO Presidium. Today we focus on IDO Vice President and Technical Director Dr Hana Svehlova.

Dr. Svehlova has been a member of the IDO Presidium since 1998 and has been a pioneer for IDO for over three decades. In her capacity as Vice President, she is the IDO’s Technical Director and the Performing Arts Director.

As the IDO Technical Director, Hana is responsible for all the changes and updates in the IDO Rule Book and Regulations based on the decisions of the IDO ADMs and AGMs. In 2021, she started a revision of all the rules and documents, including the updated evaluation system, in cooperation with Robert Planutis.

For some years, she has also been running the IDO dancers and teachers forums and striving to make rules for and from the IDO Dancers Commission. The latter earlier this year held the first meeting of the Commission: 6 members from 6 different countries and 2 continents started their mission.

Hana is also responsible for the IDO’s Hall of Fame. As the year 2021 is a very special one for the IDO, celebrating its 40th anniversary, the IDO 40 Award Committee was formed and has started preparing a list of awards for dance personalities, teams, and countries.

As the Performing Arts Director, Hana is responsible for all the PA Committees and their meetings and decisions. Usually, the meetings are run during the world championships, but in 2021, all were run online plus additional meetings of special working groups. IDO Performing Arts disciplines are those with long tradition, outstanding technical quality, diversity in choreography as well as presentation and Hana in cooperation with the Committee Chairpersons makes sure to maintain this high standard.

Thank you Hana for all the work you do for IDO!

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