Apr 30, 2021



IDO Committee Meetings have continued throughout the past month and the IDO Communications Department will keep you updated on all of these. Here are small reports on the two meetings:

IDO African Conference – held on the 29th March 2021

The meeting was conducted by Chairperson Kirsten Dan Jensen. 5 African countries took part with IDO President (Ag) Prof Velibor Srdic, IDO Vice Presidents Fiona Johnson and Dr Hana Svehlova also in attendance.

The meeting commenced with presentations by the National Member on how Covid pandemic has affected their countries and organizations. Discussions include the IDO online education programme, how IDO can get bigger in Africa, competitions in Sun City and the online continent v continent championships. The delegates look forward to meeting online more regularly.

Acrobatic Committee Meeting – held on the 29th March 2021

The meeting was conducted by IDO Vice President and Performing Arts Directors Hana Svehlova together with Chairperson Maria Sotnik from Russia. 8 countries took part from 4 continents. It proved to be a very fruitful meeting looking at the various categories of acrobatic dance and introducing the acrobatic rules.

Acrobatic safety policy, adjudication and VIP judges was some of the items forming part of the agenda and discussions. IDO is very much grateful for the enthusiasm and good inputs from all the attendees and creating a subcommittee to be able to re-write all the rules for this dance genre.

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