Apr 29, 2021



The 29th April is a global celebration of Dance. It is a day that strives to encourage participation and education in dance through events and festivals held on the date all over the world. Unfortunately, once again this year due to COVID-19, this will not be possible. However, our IDO President (Ag) Prof Dr Velibor Srdic, encourages dancers and dance pedagogues in all three dance departments to diligently start preparing choreographies for forthcoming continental and world stages.

IDO President (Ag) Prof Dr Velibor Srdic said:

‘Today we celebrate an important day for the dance community because World Dance day promotes all dance forms, it creates awareness of its values and most importantly, it brings to attention to all Governments and leaders and getting their support to allow the dance community to promote their artwork.

Dance is a universal language, great art, and gift, that enables everyone to express it in their own way, but the message is always visible and accessible. We will soon be able to see each other live, but for now let us celebrate this most important and beautiful profession. Happy International Day of Dance!’

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