Sep 17, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 135/2021

On the eve of the International Dance Organizations 40th birthday, we as a team have managed to complete the IDO History Book from 1981 to 2021. It became a big job and mammoth task that started a long time, and many months of work are now behind us. IDO members, supporters, dancers, experts have all participated in this project.

Approximately 270 pages in 7 chapters present a summarized IDO history through images, documents and data taken from various sources around the world and with the presentation of each IDO member in a special format.

IDO President (Ag) Professor Dr Velibor Srdic who led the team for the creation of this publication said:

‘I'm sure the IDO History Book 1981-2021 is just the beginning of what will be created for the next jubilee. Working on this project, I realized how important IDO is as an organization on the world map of dance organizations and how much it has contributed to the organization and promotion of dance and dance sports on a global level.

The History Book is a gift and a source of information for all of us, and especially for future organizations and generations. We are proud of this success in advance, and I congratulate everyone on the 40th birthday of our IDO!’

Each IDO member will receive 2 copies of the History Book and will be able to order additional copies of which more information will be published soon.

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