Mar 23, 2021



The International Dance Organization recently set up an IDO Dancers Commission. The Commission will act as the voice for IDO active licensed dancers around the world and to protect their rights and interests. The Dancers Commission will act as a direct link from the voices of dancers to the IDO Presidium. It is the Commissioners duty to provide updated information to dancers and to the IDO Presidium.

Simone Sanfillipo Tabo from IDO Italy has been appointed to the IDO Dance Commission. The IDO Communications Department has caught up with Simone to tell us a bit about himself and what are his expectations in the next year:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your history in the IDO?

I started to dance in the IDO with my dance partner Serena Maso, and our first competition was in Nauders in 2008. From that moment on, we have never stopped taking part in international IDO competitions. We are several times World and European Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Caribbean Show and Salsa Shine champions.

Tell us an anecdote or hilarious moment whilst attending an IDO event?

A great and emotional moment was during the World Champions in France, when the judges asked me to dance again as the winning choreography of the Caribbean Show small group ‘VIRUS’.

Why have you agreed to form part of the IDO Commission? How important is it to have a voice in the IDO?

I accepted and agreed to form part of the IDO Dancers Commission because I believe that dancers should be the centre and the focus of the project to develop the IDO federation. It is important to have a voice in the IDO. It is a real honour to bring my experience and my point of view to this World Organization that has given me so much.

How do you see the IDO Commission developing in the future?

I believe that one representative member for each dance department will be the right developing point for the future.

How do you see the IDO Commission supporting IDO in making it bigger and better?

Bringing worldwide dancers’ voice and needs to the forefront of the IDO.

What is IDO to you?

IDO is the union of different countries with the same passion for dance.

What is the first thing you think about when you think of IDO?


Stay tuned as we meet other members of the IDO Dancers Commission in the next coming weeks!

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