Mar 12, 2021



IDO Dance Committee Meetings have commenced last week and will continue online throughout March and April. Here are small reports on the two committee meetings:

IDO Latin Committee Meeting – Couple Dance Department – held on the 3rd March 2021

The meeting was conducted by Chairperson Edilio Pagano from Italy, with 19 National Member Organizations taking part, from 3 continents.

The meeting commenced with discussions on the new rules for Latin Style. In order to develop this dance genre, it was agreed to organize more competitions at an international level and online, as well as creating a ‘Technical Book’ that will allow Latin Style to develop further. Adjudicators, Latin specialists and Synchro versus Latin also formed part of the discussions and agenda.

IDO Tap Committee Meeting – Performing Arts Department – held on the 5th March 2021

The meeting was conducted by Chairperson Nancy Chippendale from the United States of America with 24 delegates from 13 countries and 5 continents present, including a Dancers Commission representative and two special guests: IDO President (Ag) Velibor Srdic and IDO Honorary Lifetime President Michael Wendt.

The atmosphere was very nice and friendly, but also constructive and productive. Members of the committee exchanged information about the present situation in each country regarding the dance/training conditions as well as discussed 8 proposals and different issues under new business. The most important message of the meeting: ‘Believe in the bright future for dance and competitions and stay positive!’

Please visit the IDO website and check out all the upcoming committee meetings and please register via your IDO NMO.

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