Apr 12, 2021



The International Dance Organization Communication Department has launched the IDO Member of the Week.

The IDO Member of the Week, is an original idea by IDO Vice President Andrey Kokoulin, who in his capacity as new ventures proposed this initiative. The idea was approved by the IDO Presidium and concept structured by the IDO Social Media Team. This is a gift to all national members as IDO gears up to celebrate its 40th birthday and ruby anniversary. It will see many IDO NMO’s featuring every week. The IDO Communications Department launches this new marketing strategy with IDO United Kingdom.

IDO UK was formed in 2016 but previously competed as IDO England with street dance department since 2006 and performing arts department from 2008. They initially competed in hip-hop and tap dance, however they now compete in all IDO genres within these two departments and hope to extent to couples dance soon.

Some of their highlights include 2019 IDO Award for excellence in Tap, the IDO Dancers Award for the UK Hip Hop Team as well as many medals at IDO events that year; 5 gold medals at the IDO World Tap Championships in 2013; 2017 Tap where we won 4 out of the 6 Adult categories, amongst others.

IDO UK commits to provide opportunities to their national dancers to participate in truly special worldwide events, to grow and develop with our ever-changing dance world and ensure to continue to generate opportunities to the younger generation so they can thrive.

Anniversary message: We would like to wish IDO a happy 40th anniversary. We love you and cannot wait to see what the future brings!

Tune in to all IDO social media portals to view our IDO Member of the Week – IDO UK! Please send us your videos so that we can present your country. All videos will be uploaded on IDO Web TV in due course.

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance