Mar 24, 2020


- Press Release 31/2020

IDO President Michael Wendt has received thirteen replies for IDO friends from all over the world to letter issued on the 3rd March 2020. These are:

Greetings to you, my dear friend Mr. Michael.
Thank you for worrying for us. We are ok.

From your friend and your brother.
Abbes Benkounda

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your letter. Let’s hope that this "nightmare" finish soon!!
I’ve been very busy postponing all events programed for this semester, hoping not to cancel but rather postpone.
Hope that you and your family are safe and with good health, I send you a big virtual hug!!!
If Asia is going out of it, and Europe is now in the worst stage of the COVI-19, America is next, so we have to wait at least 4 more months, as specialists say.

Thank you again!!

Dear President & Presidium ,
The latest In Singapore Government!
On Sunday, Singapore also announced further measures to reduce importation of coronavirus infections, advising residents to defer all non-essential travel abroad to reduce their risks of contracting the virus during this coronavirus pandemic.

The advisory, which took immediate effect, will apply for 30 days and is subject to further review.

The Government has decided to implement the Movement Control Order, from March 18, 2020, the day after March 31, 2020, throughout the country. This control order is made under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1967. This Movement Control Order includes;

First, the general prohibition of mass movements and gatherings across the country including religious, sports, social and cultural activities. To enforce this prohibition, all houses of worship and business premises must be closed except for supermarkets, public markets, convenience stores and convenience stores selling everyday necessities. Specifically for Muslims, the adjournment of all religious activities in mosques and mosques including Friday prayers is in line with the decision of the Special Mental Health Committee meeting on March 15, 2020.

Secondly, the sanctions cover all Malaysians traveling abroad. For those who have just returned from overseas, they are required to undergo a health check and to do a quarantine (or self quarantine) for 14 days;

Third, restrictions on the entry of all tourists and foreign visitors into the country;

Fourth, closure of all kindergartens, government and private schools including daily schools, boarding schools, international schools, tahfiz centers and other primary, secondary and pre-university institutions;

Fifth, the closure of all public and private higher education institutions (IPTs) and skills training institutes nationwide; and

Sixth, the closure of all government and private premises except those involved in essential services (water, electricity, energy, telecommunications, postal, transportation, irrigation, oil, gas, fuel, lubricants, broadcasting, finance, banking, health, pharmacy, fire, prison, port, airport, safety, defence, cleaning, retail and food supply.

Championships for March & April in Bali, Taiwan, Hiroshima, San Diego , Auckland And Singapore , all Cancelled ! WDC AGM At Blackpool is also Cancelled.

It’s Home Sweet Home Now.
Wishing IDO Family Around The World Is Healthy And Safe .
Yours in dance,Aleena Tan

Dear Michael
Thank you for your email.
Hope you and your family are doing well. Sri Lanka seems to be keeping this virus under be control; presently. But, only by next week that we will know for certain, the numbers affected in. Sri Lanka. There were many returnees from Italy, before entry from Europe was blocked.

Be safe
God bless
Shiromi Pereira

Dear Michael,
Thank you for the letter. IDO has made a good decision to postpone the AGM meeting.
In Norway all nursery, schools, universities and everything related to sport is closed.
Most people have home office if possible. We also live in quarantine, so we do not spread the virus.
The government wants us to drag out the time for the covid-19, so that not all of the population will get the virus at the same time.
Then it will be no one to help the sick or run the country. So that the purpose of all the restrictions; like our borders is closed, all people coming to Norway is put in quarantine.

Lots of people are put off work. But we all are healthy at the time.

Please, take care and stay healthy.
Med vennlig hilsen/ Best regards Heidi Strømberg Jappée

Dear Michael,
Thanks for your care and informing mail.
Hope you and your family are also fine and healthy.

And about Turkey:
For now everything looks under control here.
We are waiting in the houses, all the dance events and festivals are cancelled and don’t know when will start again.
By the way we were preparing 5 big teams for 5 IDO events on May and June.
Moscow, Most, Potsdam, Skopje and Bosnia...
The biggest question is Moscow Dance Olympiad, because it is the earliest one and we had a team of 100 dancers above.
All the dancers, trainers and parents are asking what will be by messages and mails.
I appreciate if you inform us when it is clear.
Let us keep the close contact

best regards
Alper Alakut

Dear Michael,
Thank you for email.
Like every where here the situation does not look very nice and not at all optimistic.
We supose to have all 3 departaments championship this month and next month, but they are all canceled by goverment decision , we hope that the last one, on 9 May for street dance to have place, if someone still available compete after 50 days
of isolation, and if, the judges and all staff envolved still able to come, we shall see that more close to that data.
Because it’ s emergency situation we don t aloud practice no where ( no more than 5 pers on the street togheter ), of course schools , universities and kinder garden are all ready closed from 12 March until 1 May.
A lot of dance schools are waiting these days some help politics for goverment because are broken ( faliment), rent and personal, are paid from dance lessons and unfortunatly here when sombody have a dance school entire family lives frome that income, they dont have a normal job during day and in the afternoon are going to teach dance.
For sure after this period people will have a lot to recover, what I really hope it s that they will still give that small part of their resources on dance activities.
Otherwise probably will be forced to accept some changes regarding
Ower policies and will not be a good period of forcing hands.

Diana Neicu

Thanks for your email Michael.

We are well and our officers, as well.
Praying that this scourge will pass soonest.

Praying for all and please stay safe as everyone in the IDO Team.
Dino Badilla

Thank you for contacting us.(Google translate)

Hong Kong
Thank you Michael!
We are all good, thank you.
Hoping that all is good also for you.
Sending blessings in this crazy year,

All the best,
Corina Sucre

Dear Michael
Thank you for your email, I am sad to hear the news but know it is what we must do.
I hope you are ok and are staying safe at home.
I think it is just going to start getting worse here, schools are closing tomorrow and we
have advised to not go to bars, restaurants etc but I think we may go to lockdown
soon. Hoping this can clear soon and we can all get back dancing together.

Look after yourself
Jo Scanlan

Sincerely thanks for your concern. Now China is out of the bad time. But hearing that the virus also appears in Europe. I am strongly worried about this. Anyway hope all of my friends could keep away from the bad thing. Best wishes!

Best regard
Li Jun

Dear Michael,
In Poland, there is the same situation.
I hope, that you and your family in all the world you feel well.

All the best and stay healthy.
Yours Zbigniew St. Zasada

We stay together as friends to overcome this together. IDO is a huge family in Africa, The Americas, Asia/Asia Pacific and Europe.

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance #staysafe