Feb 24, 2020


- Press Release 21/2020

International Dance Organization President Michael Wendt is delighted to confirm that IDO INDIA has been launched and is registering as a non-profit organization in accordance to Indian laws. Once documents get finalized by the India will apply for Probationary Member status in IDO. The next IDO-INDIA meet will be in the month of June,2020.

The agenda as an organization is to include IDO-rules in all IDO-INDIA organized events which will help the Indian dancers perform and understand the system better in all the 3 dance departments. This will help create more visibility of IDO in India which will help dancers want to travel and compete in overseas competitions. They are planning to organize small competitions across India to promote the IDO-rules competition from May 2020 onwards.

IDO looks forward to the development of the organisation in this country!

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance