Mar 27, 2020


- Press Release 34/2020

The IDO Education Department will today be sharing a story for children ‘A Story About Dragon Coronious’ with all is members.

The story was written by sisters Klara Veselska and Alice Cop from Prague, Czech Republic. This amazing idea was the brainchild of their mother Eva Veselska, with a few other amazing ideas and the dragon children can colour as they please were products of Kajetan Cop, other drawings were made by students of PS Miha Pinter Toledo, PS Plesivec and CVIU (Velenje, Slovenia), under the teaching of Robert Klancnik. Translated by Noemi Cop.

Klara Veselska is a child psychologist and Alice Cop lives for theater, she has spent the last 20 years making original stories and plays for children. At the moment lots of children (and adults) are experiencing this coronavirus situation with mountains of stress, none of us are familiar with these measures, and the situation changes from day to day. The children’s lives are turned upside down especially, their day to day schedule (which gives them a feeling of safety, because it enables a predictable life) was completely changed. Stories and fairy tales can make facing tough situations, easier for children, they can also understand them better, and make connections between the imaginary and real worlds, plus they bring a spark of humor into the latter. This is the reason they joined forces and wrote this interactive story: A STORY ABOUT DRAGON CORONIUS, AND HOW EVERYONE BEAT HIM TOGETHER. Every child can join the battle with the Evil Dragon. How? Well, that's something you’ll find out at the end of the story. © 2020 Klara Veselska a Alice Cop

For further information please contact Ms Fiona Johnson on email:

Please share the book with all your members and friends!

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