Dec 12, 2019


- PRESS RELEASE 222/2019

The International Dance Organizationís World Oriental Championships starts today and runs for three days. The IDO World Championships will be held in conjunction with the IDO Grand Prix Athens, between the 12th and 14th December 2019 in Athens, Greece.

This IDO event is organised by IDO Hellas. Over 1,500 dancers from 10 countries are taking part. The Officials include Julia Plakhotina from Russia as Chairperson of Judges, IDO Vice-President Edilio Pagano from Italy as Supervisor and Tkachenko Vitaliy from Greece as Scrutineer. The International IDO Adjudicators include:

Natalia Antipoya from Russia

Niki Machaira from Greece

Maria Gandra from Italy

Yauheniva Logvina from Belarus

Lim Hyun Jeong from Korea

Olena Radchenko from Ukraine

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