Jun 13, 2019


- Press Release 81/2019

The International Dance Organization’s European Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap Championships start today and run for four days, until the 16th June 2019 in the heart of Czech Republic, Prague.

The European championships that are organised by Dance Sport A Pohyb and led by Mrs Barbora Guzdkova, sees 1,726 dancers from 21 countries taking part. The IDO Officials include Dmitry Chernavskiy from Russia as Chairman of Judges, Ralf Josat from Germany as Supervisor, and Vesna Huber from Slovenia as Scrutineer. The IDO international adjudicators for the Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary championships are:

Vesna Reljic and Dijana Kozarski from Serbia

Anastasia Chop from Russia

Oleg Yasvin from Belarus

Dr Meta Zagorc from Slovenia

Aleksandra Markiewicz from Poland

Maria Von Hertzen from Sweden

Magdalena Caprdova from Slovak Republic

The IDO international adjudicators for the Tap championships include:

Victoria Kovalenko from Ukraine

Kerstin Albrecht from Germany

Flavio Balzani from Italy

Alison Forrester from United Kingdom

Iwona Orzelowska from Poland

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