Jun 10, 2019


- Press Release 78/2019

The International Dance Organization’s European Street Dance Show and Disco Show Championships was organized for four days in in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. IDO Vice-President and Sports Director Fiona Johnson Kocjancic described the event as one full of energy that showed how IDO is growing constantly and that we are a young and trendy international organization.

The IDO competition was organised by ASSOS Nelux and the Slovak Dance Sport Federation. The organizers have 38 years experience in organizing continental and world competitions in new dance styles, which are contemporary to young people. 1,596 dancers from 16 countries took part. IDO Vice-President and Sports Director Fiona Johnson Kocjancic said:

‘To all the trainers and dancers, I thank for every moment of competition. I am proud and very happy with the successful outcome of the IDO championships. Thank you to SZTS represented by Petr Horacek and IDO Vice-President Hana Svelhova for her inspiring opening speech.

The competition would not be complete without the great organizers, Assos, Marina, Lucia and their team.’

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