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Oct 20 - Oct 20
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IDO GALA WORLD EVENT "Best of the best" 2020

Deadline: Sep 20, 2020
Country: Italy
City: Marina di Carrara MS
Street: Viale Galileo Galilei, 133
Hall: CarraraFiere

Name: IDO & FIDS
GSM: +38641705514
Web Site:
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On behalf of IDO we would like to welcome you to the 6th IDO Gala World Event "Best of the Best" 2020 that will be held in Marina di Carrara, Italy on Tuesday October 20th, 2020. The IDO is inviting the selected adult champions from numerous IDO dance disciplines, solos, duos, couples, groups and formations from all IDO World Championships in the year 2019 to compete for the prestigious Gala-crown of being the " Best of the Best" 2020 in front of a very special audience and livestream. Project confirmed by IDO AGM 2018.

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Chairperson of judges: Srdic Velibor (Bosnia & Herzegovina),

All participating IDO-federations may send additionally "IDO-voluntary judges". In this case please contact the Chairperson of Judges and the Organizer at least 2 months before the event.